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We develop and produce innovative content campaigns around the world. Through a combination of out-of-the-box thinking and strategy, we always endeavour to be at the forefront of an ever-changing landscape. We specialise in creativity & strategy to deliver innovative motion picture content to audiences everywhere.


Advanced Vision Care:

“Real Eyes Realise”

The Advanced Vision Care project was a combination of a commercial and publishing. We created a comprehensive campaign with Tremor video, publishing the commercial on both web and mobile platforms so users could readily interact with the content, finding out about treatments, doctors and being able to book appointments. We wanted to focus on love in this advert with a man’s wife struggling to see her husband. Watch the piece below. The Corporate Results:  The client achieved a very high engagement rate with over 6500 direct engagements.

The Chrysalis Programme:

“The Audacity of Potential”

For this campaign we wanted to deliver a short film that accurately depicted not only the lasting plight that offenders face but also the possible tough road to recovery through counselling and rehabilitation with The Chrysalis Programme. After which we wanted to show a touching scene at the end through the results of the programme. The Corporate Results: The film was successfully exhibited to the UN for more funding.

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